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Hi Koore!

As indicated in the guideline section, it is difficult to give detailed feedback on heroic encounters. But we will try to give you guys something to work with.

Quick pointers

  • Swap your weapon enchant for the mastery one.
  • Try running Totemic Projection. Moving totems (most notably Spirit Link and Capacitator) helps damage mitigation a lot. Just learn which totems you can’t use at the same time (check this page for an overview)

Cooldowns and uptimes

First of all, you seem to be over healing encounters slightly to a lot. 3 Healers on 11 people is very generous in terms of heals. What will happen is that shielders (disc priest / paladins) dominate the meters. In terms of optimizing cooldown usage, you can gain a lot. Generally, you want to use you big output cooldowns as much as you can in a fight. Shamans are very cooldown dependent. Those cooldowns are:

  • Healing Tide (uptime very low – this is a huge potential output loss);
  • Ascendance (uptime even lower – another huge potential output loss) – When Ascendance is up, spam chain heal as much as possible. Totem healing does not count for ascendance so you want to use direct output heals.
  • Yes there is also Spirit Link, but that is a damage mitigation cooldown and not an output cooldown. So try to use this at smart times, but it is not changing your output.

The following output spells should be used whenever they come off cooldown:

  • Healing Stream Totem (uptimes a bit off – are you getting distracted?);
  • Riptide (decent uptime);
  • Elemental Blast (uptime a bit low > try to keep it up more to increase your overall regen).

Other than that, you weave in spells, most notably Chain Heal. The other spells (Healing Wave, Healing Surge, Healing Rain) are used as fillers when useful.

We suggest you start reflecting on fights and your cooldown usage. Look at how long the fight lasts and calculate cooldowns accordingly. If a fight lasts 5 minutes, you can probably squeeze in Healing Tide and Ascendance twice. Which you want to do, since it is such a big part of your healing. You don’t have to squeeze the maximum at all costs, but if you can do a ‘sneaky healing tide’ in the first 30 seconds of the fight to get some extra healing off – why not use it!


You are currently using the leech trinket. Are you two aware that this healing does not show up on the traditional meters? You can download a Skada add-on from Curse that will add this to the healing totals, giving you a better insight in the actual healing.
Additionally, you are using the class trinket which is suboptimal. Try replacing this for the Demonic Phylactery if you can get your hands on it (even the normal version). It is the strongest trinket out there and our absolute number one.

Hopefully this is helpful to you :).