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Hi Keehn,

I understand i have to improve casting HST, SWG and Unleash for movement and get more up time on Elemental Blast. Reason for HTT being inconsistent is because that was the first night of prog with a resto druid in the comp and we were figuring out when best to use cds, trust me when i tell you its always used as often and consistently as possible. As ive been using Echo for so long, getting used to the longer CD on riptide is a thing and i have to do better with that as well. Or would you glyph it?

Our Archi strat involves pushing him in p1 so we only get 1 doomfire so healers are required to DPS at the start of that, so that may explain why i am doing damage instead of healing.

Reason behind casting earth ele was because i was getting smashed in the face with adds so i just popped it to stay alive really. And the holy pally is in charge of the ring so he uses it with wings/whatever pallys have :).

Thanks so much for the advice, im pretty sure i knew i was being slack with my Unleash and SWG 😀


All the little things 🙂