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Hello Nixii

First of all unless you’re running with Primal Elementalist you should almost never cast Earth Elemental, it does next to no damage. I think the highest I’ve seen it do is 15k damage over the course of 1 minute of it being up. That is simply not worth the 9k mana you throw after it.
Then comes Echo of the Elements, once loved talent that has become redundant because you never actually need to have 2 charges on spirit link. Or at least it happens too rarely to justify picking it over Ancestral Swiftness. The passive haste and instant heal just adds fluidity to the class.

For the Archimonde logs you’re Riptide use is a bit low as to compared to some older logs you have. For Archi Riptide has an average downtime of around 6 seconds, and on the other logs I looked at it was only on around 1-2 seconds.
Healing Stream Totem should also have some love, although this is consistently not being used optimally, it varies a bit but it has around 30 seconds of downtime across the encounters I looked at, so you only used it half as often as you actually could, thus passing up on a ton of potential healing here. This is important due to the effort you put into it, just by dropping it on cooldown it will grant you loads of healing. Gotta love those fire and forget smart heals.

I can see that you’re running with Ancestral Guidance, I have yet to test whether this is worth picking up, but from my (of course biased) point of view Rushing Streams should be more appealing. It will add so much value to Healing Stream Totem. I could imagine Ancestral Guidance would be somewhat valuable if you are trying to do stupid rank strats or if you want another way of proccing leech, but outside of that Rushing Streams should be the safest choice.
I am a bit intrigued to test it myself now! (although I am a sucker for passive healing when it’s valuable)

Unleash Life is rarely ever used, it might be because you are a genius who knows. But I feel that you have to move more often than what this indicates. It’s a great tool when you have to move and even though you only have to move just a little bit you have to consider using it. It’s cheap, it’s instant, it gives speed and increases your next heal. Especially looking at a Mannoroth kill without a single one of these, it will make movement less painful. It is better to pop this than to go into Ghost Wolf.
Spiritwalker’s Grace is being popped, but then again only a few times. Movement is essentially time you could’ve spent healing and it can only be guaranteed with this. You might as well pop it whenever you feel the need to move for more than 3 seconds at a time, in order to stay on top of the group.

Running with Intuition’s Gift opens up for a lot of strategies. First of all you have to consider whether or not you will need it within the first minute and 30 seconds. If that is not the case you might as well just pop it on pull to get the most of it. On top of that I would personally always pair it with a cooldown to really benefit as much as possible from it.

Cooldowns feel a bit inconsistent (Couldn’t find Healing Tide on one of the pulls). Stick to only popping a single one in p1 if you feel the need to, then save the rest for p2 wrought and for p3 with the rain of doomfires. Just plan it out with the other healers when and where to pop them. Should be possible to get it off on Wrought and then again on Rain in p3.
Ring should always be used together with cooldowns, popping it only with a trinket won’t give the absorb shields coming after a lot of oomph.

You could easily cast Elemental Blast more often, it might open up for you to not have to drink a channeled mana potion on Archi. You have around 10% uptime which means there is quite a bit of room for improvement. Also you need to know that you don’t need to have a lot of mana for phase 3, the only thing doing damage at that point is when the infernals spawn. These should always be handled with a cooldown, so you will mainly be pad healing during these either way.

It’s nice that you are doing damage, I don’t know if it’s required to hit certain triggers or pushes, but if it’s taking the focus from healing stay away from it. Looking at some other logs where you weren’t dps’ing as much you were better at casting riptide on cooldown for example.

Hope this is in any way helpful, otherwise just ask! 🙂