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Hey Voodoo

Honestly this fight is shit with this healer setup, no real chance of picking up any healing with a paladin and a priest. No matter the priest they should always have a better chance at getting more healing through than a shaman on this fight, or any other fight almost (sad truth). That being said let’s just dive right into the logs!

First thing that really gets me is that you have 23 casts of Water Shield, I assume that you didn’t die 23 times on the fight so it has to be a lingering habit from earlier with stacks. Nonetheless it’s a bad habit and it’s costing you valuable cast time over the course of the fight.

Riptide has quite a bit of room for improvement, it has an average downtime of around 9 seconds (time where it is off cd and ready to be used). Grants a lot of passive healing from just tossing it around.
Healing Stream Totem also has a bit of downtime with an average downtime of 18 seconds.

I personally feel like you’re casting a bit many Healing Surges, probably anxious that individuals will die when lower than some threshold. This is not necessarily bad but being that ‘designated’ spot healer will cost some hps. Try and convert more to popping riptide on a low target and let it slowly heal him up, unless the other healers spam the living shit out of him that is.

Spiritwalker’s Grace, you only cast this a single time, which is near the beginning but then not again for the remainder of the encounter. Mannoroth is one of those bosses where Spiritwalker’s Grace becomes your most valuable spell when hitting phase 3, or even when you have to move during p2 because of imps or gaze. (Running after Gaze while queuing a Chain Heal to land right before they explode, exceptional snipe) It has so many possibilities and if glyphed it feels like it can be popped every time it’s needed.
You use Unleash only for the mobility, amazing.

Cooldowns are a bit meh on this boss when 3-healing it and especially with that setup, they will shield almost everything incoming.
Ascendance was cast a bit off imo, you could’ve held onto it for slightly longer and then popped it with everything right as the knockback was about to hit the group, and if you had used Ascendance (which should’ve been up at that time) you also would’ve gotten a lot more out of this cooldown. Sadly it barely did 400k because of that, without counting in the shields.
Can’t say a lot about Healing Tide, it was popped on crucial moments.

A little bit about the trinket maybe, I personally feel that this trinket ( quickly loses value when running either with a lot of healers (imo) or with a shield heavy setup. This is because of them just padding the group before damage is incoming completely removing the need for a powerful cooldown. Although that is my opinion.
When deciding to run with it you have to make up with yourself, will you need it within the first 1:30 minutes or so? If not then pop it right at pull and then use it after that when you can pair it with a cooldown. Again opinion. (same mentality applies for Beserking)
Try and see if you can pair legendary ring with a cooldown as well, it will help you snipe a bit of healing with the shield following after ring. It should probably also be popped more than once on a 5:40 encounter. 😀

Mana seems okay, you end roughly empty of resources. Although shifting some of your spells and priorities, you might end up getting rid of having to channel a potion. Casting more Riptides should free up some mana due to how cheap it is or at least make you able to cast more of the valuable spells (Chain Heal)

You’re going full haste I see, jesus christ the amount of sockets you’re equipped with makes me a bit jealous! 😀
Personally not a big fan of this but if it works for you then it doesn’t matter, haste just has very negative effects on mana opposite mastery which adds value to mana in some way (by passively increasing all healing effects).

I think that is it, hope it’s useful.