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Hello Tauruk!

Okay for the mythic fights I have encounters for I can tell you that you are grossly overhealing encounters. Just looking at Hellfire Assault where you run 5 healers, it makes me ache to my core. The pure strength of a resto shamans lies in our mastery, our ability to uphold the group even when going through a tight situation. This is severely brought down by running that amount of healers. Being stripped of the potential of people actually going low, now that’s depressing. And then on top of bringing 5 healers 2 of these are running with leech trinket… Leech trinket disapproves of parses.

4p is a big deal, but it still won’t do the trick when you’re running 5 healers.

Basically it’s correct, if you kill the boss without deaths (of course we can’t outheal stupidity) then you’ve done your job. But I understand how you’re feeling and that is partly why I can help you with this. I’ve spend so much time looking up logs, seeing what and where to improve to squeeze that extra bit. But let’s get right into it!

Hellfire Assault is a bit skewed since you’re running with the bombs.

Riptide is on point for some encounters and slightly off for others, keep it up.
Healing Stream could use a bit more love, it averages on about 17 seconds downtime across the fights I looked at which means there is some hidden potential healing to pick up right there.

A slight tip for Tyrant, try running Conductivity it will not only save you a lot of mana, but it will make Healing Rain a lot more convenient since you won’t move a lot on that fight either.

Spiritwalker’s Grace could’ve seen some uses on that Hellfire Assault where you were running around with munitions, just pop it as you pick up the box and heal as you run towards the canon or when coming back. It’s an amazing tool to end downtime when forced to move. Just bind it somewhere convenient and pop it often, really let it sink in under your skin and then pop it whenever you feel the need (recommended glyphing for shorter cd+duration).
On Hellfire Assault when you are running with bombs, you can use Unleash while in Ghost Wolf to further boost your movement speed. Overall the use of Unleash is quite sparse, but think of it as a more beneficial Ghost Wolf, more often than not you don’t have to run further than you can get with a 4 second 30% movement buff. Just make sure you don’t pop it when stationary, because in the scenario every other spell we have is more valuable to cast, besides this spell is too good to pass up on during movement so make sure you have it ready.

For cooldowns, this is a difficult matter when running with the amount of healers that you currently are. When you do so you rarely ever experience the actual lethal mechanics as dangerous because you’ll have 5 healers to pad the right as it’s going on. That is why your cooldowns aren’t doing any big flashy numbers. Dropping healers would instantly make it clear when the mechanics that require a cooldown occurs.

For mana, looking just at Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver you could easily have been more aggressive with your spells, thrown a bit more chain heals perhaps (which is a bit low across fights) and on top of that you did not use a mana potion because you were never low enough for it to be relevant. Looking at your armory I see you in enhance gear so I’m not really sure if you have any spirit trinkets, but when looking on some other HC fights you went oom halfway through and did not use a mana potion there either.
Your Elemental Blast uptime is a bit inconsistent, for the mythic fights you will learn either right away or the hard way, to cast this more often if you want to be a lot more aggressive with Chain Heal.
Elemental Blast should be used to balance out the mana you know you’re going to use, so might as well take a few tries where you are very aggressive and use it on cooldown and then evaluate and step down the aggression or step it up.
Remember potions!

Looking through this I noticed something a bit odd, you are casting a bunch of Wind Shears on Iron Reaver, have you found some secret strat the rest of us are unaware of? 😀

Regarding the trinkets, you could macro it into either HTT or Ascendance and by that make sure it would always be paired with at least one of them. Then with a little timer of the trinket you can just pop it whenever it comes off CD, given that you don’t have the luxury of pairing it with both Ascendance and HTT.

If there is anything else just ask! 😀