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Hey Shockaroo

I am looking at the most recent logs I think of Tyrant, Socrethar, Xhul and Fel Lord.

Riptide is far from optimal when it on some encounters have over 10 seconds downtime on average. You have to use this spell more often it’s great passive padding going on and it will help High Tide.
It’s the same with Healing Stream Totem, it should be used more simply because it’s just a global every 30 seconds that amounts to quite large percentages of total healing.

Spiritwalker’s Grace is only used once across those four encounters and that’s at the end of Tyrant. I would personally feel the luxury of being able to use it multiple times per encounter and just fire it whenever I feel the slightest need to move, if I know there is no ability coming up where it is mandatory. Might as well use it compared to sitting on it and essentially causing all movement to become downtime.
Then Unleash Life, I see you casting it a lot on Tyrant but then following it up without any real conclusion. You use it without taking advantage of the increase you get to the next heal. I want you to forget everything you currently know about Unleash Life and moving forward all you need to know about the spell is an aid to get you from A to B faster and without as much waste as Ghost Wolf.

For Tyrant I can see that Healing Rain barely did any healing, it’s really important to have it down 100% of that encounter specifically because it will just add a ton of passive healing, this is especially true for p2. Another hint is to pick up Conductivity on Tyrant, it will do wonders for Healing Rain since you don’t have to min-max it too much with a long duration.

Elemental Blast on quite low uptime, but then again adjust it yourself to see how much you feel it’s necessary to cast, for you to endure the encounter. Although since you had <4% uptime on Socrethar you might as well have picked Primal Elementalist to boost output slightly.
Mana slope looks fine on most fights, you end almost depleted although not always using a potion to compensate. On Fel Lord you were basically dry around 40 seconds before the boss died without potting. Then on Xhul you went the entire fight without dropping below 65% mana and you did not use an intellect potion.
Try to evaluate after each pull regarding mana, see if you are able to squeeze out more and try to get those potions fitted in.

You probably put a bit too much into the ‘spam chain heal’ saying. Yes Chain Heal is strong but we have so many other things that has to be used for us to output 100% of our potential.

Now that you have Intuition’s Gift I would try to always pair it with a cooldown and then just use it right as it comes off cd when it has been used with either Ascendance or HTT and you can’t get it to line up with another cooldown. Then it’s always lined up to at least one of them.
Another note on that for Tyrant, you use both HTT and Ascendance at the same time, I find it hard to believe that you are in a situation where it’s beneficial to do so. I would rather then save a link and use that together with one of them. They will actively counter-act the healing potential of the other unlike SLT.

Hope that was what you wanted 😀