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Hi there Dreamtears,

Personally, I get the feeling your raid leader is lacking some insight into the shaman and – fore mostly – how to get most out of it. Let me explain myself.

Two things:

  • Shamans are cooldown dependent. In progress no one gives a **** (or should) about actual output, it’s all about combatting abilities with raid cooldowns – and yours should be planned accordingly. On farm, it becomes your own responsibility as well. You don’t need all cooldowns anymore, bosses are dying quicker. The raid has more HP and so the need for cooldowns often diminishes. If you can’t use a cd twice, because your raid lead keeps calling for it on a specific moment (read: probably at 2,5 minutes in a 4 minute fight or something) – then make it clear it will hurt your overall output. Deal with that, or fight for reshuffling of cd’s. Or (risky approach – but sometimes necessary) just don’t use your cd at that point and see what happens. If the raid doesn’t die, you can reshuffle your own cd’s to maximize your output.

Side note: Healing Tide being inferior to Tranquility? Are you kidding me? Tell that raid leader to come over so I can slap him :D. Tell that druid to pop Tranq and start running, then see what happens.

  • You can’t over stack healers and expect a shaman to do something significant. I haven’t seen logs, so I can’t say for sure. But bringing 4 healers is almost never necessary. I see you are farming heroic fully at the moment. If you’re still using 4 healers for the full run – try running 3 for the first 6 bosses. Ideally you would drop it down to 1 or 2, but it will also put stress on the rest of the raid (no more covering up mistakes). I’m not sure if that would be fair or fun to expect for a raid like yours. For a smooth run I’d advice bringing at least an output healer and a shielder – so you and either the paladin or the disc priest.

You seem to be well-aware that you should maximize your cd’s in comparison to the fight duration (you just recommended that to someone else). Try to push this further. Look at your raids logs, when are they taking damage, and plot your cooldowns accordingly (ignoring those of your team mates). I’m getting the feeling your cooldowns are not needed in the current situation (4 healers). So you could experiment with using them whenever you think they would benefit the most. I know this is a rather selfish approach – but if the raid won’t die if you don’t use your cooldowns, then you might as well snipe some HPS away from your fellow healers. Additionally, you could push a nice Healing Tide with an intellect potion, and start gemming with +75 gems instead of + 50. Focus mostly on maximizing your Healing Tide and Ascendance (combined with your intuitions gift) – if you want to max HPS.

All of that said, resto shamans are in a good place right now. Do not feel insecure of the class and spec. But start creating opportunities to utilize the class to the fullest ;). It helps if you post logs, although in depth analysis is most relevant when studying multiple mythic logs. We can usually only provide general pointers for heroic logs – the healers often aren’t pushed enough and damage taken can lose its structure easily in heroic.

Don’t lose faith – learn the nitty gritty of the class and enjoy your shaman :).

P.s. Try to get your hands on that demonic phylactery trinket – even if its normal.