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Aphotyk – Area 52


Thank you for replying to me so in depth, I appreciate what you have done.
I took your advice regarding Ancestral Swiftness and I have been using this talent for the lower bosses (I use echo for gore) I do agree the passive haste is certainly more beneficial.

I’m with your statement about my Riptide, I been having trouble with the uptime. I made some weak auras that display visually they are ready to be used (more of a reminder in intense situations). I have made it a point to look at every encounter to say to myself “do I need a long duration/short duration with quick cd spirit walkers grace for this fight” and glyph accordingly and play out pre fight WHEN I should use it, I do believe I have made progress.

Thinking I should drop Healing Tide pre feast to top up the raid was good, not at all. So I’m with you Healing Tide needs to be dropped as feast is under way, I usually pop intuitions gift with that to top the raid off and maintain that level for a short while. I’ll roll my Ascendance, SLT x2, Blood fury. I am trying to pair all my cd’s accordingly to try and maximize all the benefits.

Here are some fights I believe I’ve utilized my cd’s, spells and general rotation:



Thanks again Keehn.