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I personally have everything bound, every single spell/item I have found use for I have on my bar. The downside of this is the product of having 50+ binds, and honestly if I had to map that without my razer naga I would go crazy, so for me it has been massive going from a mouse with barely any additional keys to one where you can fit half your spellbook. ( to give you an idea 😀 sidebars are usually hidden)

That being said we see a lot of spells disappearing in Legion so you wouldn’t necessarily need that many binds, I experience a lot of empty spaces where I usually have binds, a lot of totems and buffs are scrapped (some of which could’ve gone a lot sooner!). But then again resto shamans are the healers with most bindings from my experience, we have no less than 11 totems which in my perspective all should be bound. Then on top of that we have utility spelss, heals and what not that every other healer possess, so it’s only natural to feel a little shorthanded I think.

Keybindings are a great deal of the healing game, as well as a proper UI to inform you of what is going on and what you have at hand. It’s just important to bind the most frequently used bindings where you have the easiest access and then as the spells lose importance or usage it should be replaced further away or on binds harder to achieve (i.e. with modifiers). This should also be to make sure that you don’t missclick important cooldowns at silly moments.

I have small nerdy hands so it’s easy for me to access some of the close keys around WASD but when reaching further away than 4,r,f then it’s an issue for me to bind beyond that, hence why a mouse with a lot of keys is a massive quality of life instrument (also makes it easier for me to hit the various keys on the mouse).