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Okay a little bit of feedback! (Of course we are allowed to have different opinions)

First thing that I spot is that you put as a lvl 90 talent instead of And then you mention Unleashed Fury as the ‘other’ option to Elemental Blast, I dunno I would say that Unleashed Fury only has value on really certain scenarios. I would rather pick Primal Elementalist if I had the mana to sustain without Elemental Blast.

Then for Glyphs, Cleansing Waters should never be a ‘baseline pick’ since you don’t use dispell on every single fight and when you do, you’re not necessarily dispelling a target low enough to benefit from the heal. (Would swap it with Glyph of healing wave for most fights (OR flame shock if you have 100% uptime))
Then recommending glyph of riptide, I hate that glyph with a passion and stating that ‘The healing reduction is only the burst component of Riptide, the HoT remains so it’s not much of a loss’, I completely disagree. The reason why I love Riptide is because it’s a powerful instant heal for every scenario. Furthermore the procced riptides from our T18 4p will also trigger the burst healing from Riptide, so if you run with this glyph you’ll only nerf the healing done by your 4p. (I would never consider using this glyph outside of fights where being stationary is an impossibility)
For Archimonde I really find it difficult to find moments where Echo is just top notch, especially when having mythic in mind.

Spirit, I don’t really see the point in calculating the base spirit you have and what it’ll do to your regen, the only interesting part is how items with spirit or otherwise mana affecting capabilities impact your ability to regen/save mana. Which will be a fun thing to quantify in Legion, since regen will only be available on trinkets. (hopefully in the shape of something like Demonic Phylactery) 😀