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At the very beginning I ran with the Blast Furnace trinket ( and honestly I have forgotten what other trinket I used from BRF going into HFC xD. Although shortly after starting hc clears/splitruns and what not I got the Demonic Phylactery and ran with that and Blast Furnace trinket until we finished progress and quite a bit into farm as well. Shitty RNG yes please. So you have a bit better options than me. 😀

The leech trinket in itself is super strong for progress and it will do a lot more healing than you’d think, making it one of the strongest trinkets available. The biggest downside to it is that you’re not being credited for what healing it provides, a major bummer when looking at meters, but it’s amazing for progress.

I think it took a month at least to get a second trinket from HFC after we had killed Archimonde.

You are more than welcome and thank you! 🙂