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Hey Keehn,

I truly appreciate the feedback, especially on my UI.  I am working to clean it up considerably.  Would you mind showing me a shot of your UI from an actual encounter?  I just switched to a desktop to raid within the last few months, from a 13″ laptop to a 24″ display in 2k, so I’m still learning to use the space available to me correctly.  I think I had things like mana listed 3 times because I was having a hard time adjusting to looking further for it.

As to the healing tips:

Since I posted I have switched to AS for most fights as I read on another post if you’re not using slt at least 3 times in an encounter AS is better.  And after switching I have noticed a decent throughput difference.  I still need to work on using AS for the instant cast.

For healing rain usage, I will work on better placement during Kormork.  I still have it in my head that it’s kinda worthless without conductivity.  I don’t really know where I got this idea, but it’s a bad habit which I need to break.  So thanks for this input.

Elemental blast usage is a rough one for me, but your suggestion of using PE is a good on especially for fights where I’m not having mana issues.  The extra 2 min of 10% healing buff would make a huge throughput difference.  I will give this a go on my raids this week on fights I know I can swing it.

I’m noticing a trend with my own play-style that I’m struggling to learn when to use CD’s major and minor approportley.  I think this comes from the days of vanilla/bc when the shaman really had no CD other than AS.  Do you have any ways I could practice CD usage to learn of when to use them better?

I will have to talk to my rl about benching a healer.  Our issue right now is we are still recruiting our 4th healer, so were are over healing content to make sure we get though, as we’ve only been doing mythic for about 4 weeks now.  I hope to get some attempts two or three healing some fights as you suggested, but ultimately it’s not my call.

One other question, as far as trinkets are concerned.  What did you find yourself using during your guild’s progression?  I’ve done some testing with UFE and DE and DE and FS.   (Best of what I have to use)  I’m finding a negligible difference for me leaning towards DE + FS.  I’ve read the post  .  But I was curious to see what you used.

Lastly, thanks so much for the input.  Your insight not only to my logs, but on the shaman community is greatly appreciated, so truly thank you Keehn.