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Grats with the kill 🙂

I have to agree it looks a lot better! And now you know how to look over logs, although you can always ask in the future since our playstyle will change a lot come Legion.

Uptimes of the different spells are great. The use of SWG and UL really depends on how often you’re afflicted with Doom, Death or have to soak a spirit. I noticed that you used UL twice within a second of each other, most likely due to the nature of spamming abilities when you want to get them off. (This is partly why I prefer AS over Echo, you will never accidentally use both charges of Riptide or UL by spamming it). There is one of the UL casts where you stand still after casting it.

EB will vary alot from fight to fight and the duration of the encounter. On a fight like Gorefiend it’s essential that you get a lot of EB casts off, but then on fights like Hellfire Assault, Kormrok, Reaver it is more or less redundant since the fights are over before they start, allowing for mindless spamming without any real danger of ooming.

I use Ascendance right when entering Feast too to stabilize the situation (during progress at least)

The way you handle spirits is how every shaman should, just cast Healing Surge (with Tidal Wave running) on the lowest health ones to have the highest potency, when running between the spirits is the best time to refresh Tidal Waves and it might be an idea to pop UL if you have to run before you’re able to reach the next spirit (Will make the first Healing Surge do massive healing). This being said if you get in with a holy paladin, he should pop wings in there and this will make him able to solo the stomach. If the dps has enough control they should be able to free whatever healer is paired with a paladin in order to maximize healing outside of stomach too.
I went more ‘brute force’ on the spirits during progress and ran with Unleashed Fury (which made mana uncomfortably tight), but it allowed me to take care of the spirits alone during progress, we lacked a lot of gear on healers. This is not recommended though.

I guess that’s what I had to say, good luck with your progress! 😀