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Hey Scarlette and sorry for the long response time. (I am looking at the 2 mythic pulls and a HC Tyrant kill)

Your Riptide is a bit lacking and could use some more attention. You’re using it on average every 10 seconds which is subpar (5 seconds cd).
Same can be said about Healing Stream Totem, which you use on average every 42 seconds (30 seconds cd).
Upping both of these will automatically increase your healing since they are ‘fire and forget’ abilities passively increasing your output.

I noticed that you play a troll and I looked over where you used your racial. I can see that you use it together with your Ascendance. In my opinion it would give your more output to use it together with Healing Tide Totem. It will increase the amount of ticks you’re able to get.

Make sure your water shield has a long enough duration to last you through a fight, it’s a bit of a waste to spend a global refreshing it.

I see that you haven’t used Unleash Life a single time, but you have used Ghost Wolf a few times. Try to swap these around, make use of the speed boost given by UL and see the % increase to your next heal as an added bonus. Compared to Ghost Wolf it is infinitely more valuable, and this is even more true for shorter distances.

Be careful when macroing Spiritwalker’s Grace into Ascendance, it might be better to hold onto it instead of firing it right away when popping Ascendance. You never know what might come next, and if the current situation doesn’t ask for the ability to run around and cast you’re better off saving it. (at least that is my perception)

On that macro note I see you are using intellect potion too. It’s not bad but personally I wouldn’t use a potion with Ascendance (Same logic as why I wouldn’t use Berserking with Ascendance).

Just by glancing at your mana curves you can be far more aggressive in the way you spend it. On the Hellfire Assault logs you barely spend any mana until the point where you pop Ascendance and start spamming Chain Heal.

Might do a better job with recent mythic logs 😀 (Blame my own laziness)