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Yay we killed Gore.

Ok Bossman, (:P) Let’s see if I can do this now….

HST: I got 13 casts out of the 14 that I could have had.

RT: I cast 65 times when I could have cast 70.

Healing Surge: Ok so, I realized when I go into the stomach, I spam healing surge the entire time down there (throwing riptide to keep up Tidal waves) . Unless the pally goes down with me, I barely get them all up to 90% before they zone out.

Healing Rain: 11 casts – I tried to keep it up during the entire feast – a couple of times, I left it off cd for like 5-6 sec when I went out to soak my spirit and then had to spam a couple things before I could get it back down.

SWG: 3 casts – still need some more work here, but I really felt like I got lucky on movement often, being close to where I needed to go already.

UL: 9 casts – a lot better but still could get more in. Pretty sure I used it every time I had doom well or shared fate, and when going in the stomach.

EB: 19 casts – I did feel like I was short mana on this towards the end of feast. I can’t seem to find where I see what pots I got in. I tried to regularly drink pot after feast.

HTT: I started my Cd’s with about 20 seconds left on feast, and used ring. I sometimes had to use ascendance near the beginning of feast because health was dropping too low for my comfort level and I was out grabbing my spirit.

… Off topic…… Reading Dorelei’s review of the Alpha builds was super exciting and I found myself wishing I could already have some stuff … WTB artifact Revival now :P.

I bet you guys are off prancing around over there right now …. 😛

Anyway…. I’m working on it…. I think overall using SWG more often and getting more EB in there is where I should really focus – Don’t ya think? The Healing surge is all but 9 cast in the stomach (, so maybe if you have any suggestions on how I can better heal those up faster. I typically, get RT and UL off right before I go in so I have those buffs up when I zone in, then I cast a couple surges and then a riptide and I try to always get the lowest health ones – like up to 50-60% and move to the next one so I can sneak all the lower health for my mastery… then I go back and heal them up as much more as I can before they leave.

I could probably plan my SLT a little better. I should have used projection to throw it into the raid when I was out grabbing my spirit when they dropped low – I popped SWG and Ascend instead.

Anyway…. I know you are probably off enjoying alpha, and you’ve already gone through my stuff a lot, so no need to have to do it all over again (unless you really want to! :P). I was just excited to improve a bit, and hope to continue to do even better.

Happy Alpha’ing! 🙂

(Edit: OMG you guys added edit option! Be still my heart!)