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Well hello there LightCupcake!

Raiding, especially on mythic, is something that you need to learn a lot of things for. There are basic skills which you can practice in other games or perhaps MMO’s specifically. But generally, it takes practice, time and effort. In mythic, any gap in your skill set will be magnified and have impact on the group’s performance. I guess wat I want to say is.. don’t feel defeated if you won’t be chosen over the druid. All your efforts aside, it is possible that you end up in over your head. There’s a large amount of guilds out there, each with their own goals and performing in their own bracket. When you’re a new player, help from others (and also the info on this site) will help you go through the learning curve a lot quicker then you would on your own. But practice is vital – get every single bit of experience healing raids that you can. Please don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down if it seems like you’re not quite there yet. Making the effort is what should make them proud – not your actual performance.

That aside, I’ll poke our log guru Keehn to see if he can spare some time to run through your logs. In the meantime, make yourself at home on our website. There should be plenty of info hidden away for you to give food for thought. Check the UI section perhaps – it might give you some ideas. New player UI’s can get a little bit buggy and can get in their way sometimes.