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Hey Rainlily 😀

For the healing stream thing, yes you take the encounter duration in seconds and divide it by the times you actually casted HST. This will give you the average time in between every HST cast you’ve made, and it should ideally be ~30 seconds. It is also fine to figure out the theoretical maximum of casts, by taking the duration of the fight and dividing it by the cooldown of the spell, then you compare it to how many casts you did (like you mentioned). You can easily drop HST inside the stomach, it will still heal the ghosts if they are close enough.

In our guild we split it up in between classes and try to prevent all healers running at the same time, due to risk of raid getting wiped out when no healer can stand and guarantee their safety. To pick up the rest we generally use tanks, they aren’t contributing that much on damage and having healers run around like headless chicken won’t do any good.
Get a designated spot for setting up the souls, it will make it a far simpler task to keep track of people for those dealing with them. I can see that you have a lot of deaths due to this alone (Digest) and I would understand that as dps not being in complete control of these.

Okay now let’s go through it (Looking at the longer pulls 4+ minutes).

Healing Surge is wayy out of control, and is still on the higher end in the new log

Checking for Riptide usage you take the duration of the encounter in seconds and divide it by the amounts of riptides casted. Like for HST it will give the average time between casts which is roughly 6.6 seconds, which is good. (Simply compare the result with the cooldown of the spell and make sure it doesn’t deviate too much)

Healing Stream Totem:
You are definitely right that your HST use is lacking a little bit, you have an average of 40.5 seconds in between the uses. Should ideally be within a second or two of the cooldown.

Elemental Blast:
You can choose to do as for Riptide and HST or you can go and look for the uptime of the spirit buff (simply go to buffs and look for Elemental Blast: Spirit). The uptime will depends slightly on your casting speed but with a standard 2 second cast time the highest uptime you can have is 57% (You have 24% as your highest).
This being said Elemental Blast is highly dependant on whether or not you really need the mana. Casting it is convenient because it will allow for more spamming of expensive spells, but for shorter fights it’s just barely worth it. To really see how it can affect you, you need to look at the resources and how mana fluctuates for you.

Healing Rain:
For a fight like Gorefiend I feel that you could use this more and it will give you an alternative to casting Healing Surge. At least make sure that it is always up when feast is running, it might not be worth casting outside of it.

For pure output purposes it might not always be the best idea to cast your HTT or Ascendance right when entering Feasts, the priest will most like have just shielded the entire raid and that players haven’t dropped down enough for Mastery to kick in with some ‘umph’. On the older pulls you have HTT healing roughly the same as Ascendance, which should rarely happen. I can see that cooldowns overlap sometimes, it will only hurt all of you when doing so.

Onto mobility, this is slightly sparse (like you mentioned yourself).

Unleash Life:
Over the course of the 7 fights all being 4+ minutes long you casted UL 5 times in total. In my opinion this is very low, I can’t imagine not needing to cast it more than a single time on a pull on this boss. I would use it every time I got Doom and had to run to the wall; every time I got Death and had to run to designated stack point; when running between spirits inside stomach or when running out to soak a ghost during Feast. At least you cast it for the purpose of moving around.

The newer logs did show some improvement, on the pulls I looked at you used it more frequently.

Spiritwalker’s Grace:
Pretty much the same case as for Unleash Life. You used it a single time from the logs I looked at, it should and could be used more frequently. This being supported further by the fact that you’re using the glyph to reduce its cooldown. It can be used for the same cases mentioned for UL, running back to the group after deploying Doom or when getting a spirit to clear debuff. (still a bit lacking on the newer logs too)
I kinda understand, I haven’t personally been raiding that much the past couple of months so my routine is lacking a little bit.

If you need any more help just ask away!