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Soooo, we have started in on Mythic Gorefiend, and I’ve started picking through my logs again to see what I can do to improve…. We did farm for so long over the holidays it seems I’ve picked up some bad/lazy habits.

Rather than come bug you every five minutes to haaalp meh, I thought I should be figuring it out on my own. So just to run by, how and what you are checking, and see if I am doing it right….

To check healing stream totem, you are taking the length of fight in minutes and dividing it but the 30 sec cd on hst to see how many times I should have dropped it, correct? Further into that….. So, if its coming up right before I get shadow of death, should I be dropping it on the outside before I go down if they are taking heavy damage (like an essence is up), or drop it down there? Will it still do its thing up there when I go down in the stomach? Our last week’s best attempt the encounter lasted 5 min and 47 sec, and I casted hst only 8 times (170 hits), and it seems I could have dropped it a whole 3 more times.

My healing surge is out of control, and I never used greater heal at all haha. I did terrible on elemental blast, and I think I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off the whole time, not to mention, no one was calling out when they dropped their souls away from the designated location, so I was watching for that and calling it out for our designated soul “getters” :P, amongst other stuff I was calling out.
I think I did fine on RT, although that’s reasonable to cast on the move so I’d probably find that convenient to get out a lot.

Another question…….. more about general strat; Someone in our group who has killed it with another guild with his “main” had set it up so that healers are cleansing their debuff first during feast, then after everyone else clears theirs to have the healers go out again and soak the rest. I was flustered with this because I was on the first set of healing CD’s for feast, and I can literally hold the first 30 sec of feast with my cd’s alone, and its annoying to run out and grab the debuff cleanse in the middle of that, so I moved myself to the end of the clear list and then just stayed out to soak the rest. Who do you have clearing the rest of the debuffs after raid is all clear? I felt, half the time, that I really felt torn between stopping to heal, and grabbing the next debuff because raid got very low at the end of the feast. And yes, better use of SWG would be nice… I completely failed at using that most of the night for some weird reason. I blame playing a lot of alts lately throwing me off my game :P.

Anyway… here’s the logs…. Maybe I should have started a new thread…. oh well 😛 (I was looking at our longest attempt to pull info)

I’d really like to be able to pick them apart better myself, so if you don’t mind helping figure how you pulled the details, I’d be super appreciative :).
IT would be so much easier in a real conversation… this wall of text is painful… Sorry! lol