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Hi there! And gratz on your Velhari mythic kill :D! The main thing I’m noticing is how you prioritize Healing Surge. This is not very odd in progression and perhaps the first few kills (to use it a bit more often). But I do get the impression you’re focussing more on healing up the people with the debuff than you have to. Shamans are rediculously strong on this fight in keeping up the raid. I’d say, see what it does for you if you focus more on healing the raid than getting individual people up (read: chain heal). You seem to have a paladin and disc priest in your setup. Usually those can manage quite well in dealing with the debuffs.

Also, did you only use Spirit Link once on the kill? If so, then you’re better off switching to Ancestral Swiftness – or use Spirit Link at least 3 (?) times.

I see you starting out casting healing waves, even though a few people are not on full hp. Try pushing Chain Heal instead. I see you casting Healing Surge when a bunch are not on full HP, just one a bit lower. Try pushing Chain Heal instead. You have a Paladin and a Disc Priest… they’ll dive no that player. Just use the lowest player as your Chain Heal target perhaps. When you starting pushing Chain Heal more, you might need Elemental Blast more too (just because you may be a bit more mana hungry) – even though Healing Surges are quite costly too. You didn’t use a potion once. You could have spent so much more mana, or used an intellect pot to boost one of your healing moments.

Overall – drop the single target healing. Focus more on raid healing and everything that belongs to that. Look back at your fight times (just under 6 minutes. Calculate your optimal cooldown usage and plan those accordingly. Start using potions. And if you’re not using spirit link that most, please use ancestral swiftness. #chainheallife 😛