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thx for the feedback! I’m gonna try apply the second CD order and see if it make a different. just have a few questions.
1) why is it recommended to pop HTT on Shadowfel burst when you could pop a SLT? or do u mean that I pre-cast HTT around 1-2 sec before shadowfel burst (cast it while we’re on the move)
2) can it be smart to pop a SLT on Shadowfel Burst then pop a HTT on first Shackles, followed by Ascendance on second and one more SLT on 4th.
3) how do u mean with “I think if you are in the second nether group, you can first use your ascendence, go into the nether, come back and pop healing rain.” personally I dont see the use for Ascendance in neather and I often use the 4rd neather do drink (or around 3rd neather).

Also one more question that dont have with this logs to do: do u have any good tips on how to set up a healing CD order? my guild gonna start prog mythic soon and I’m currently 1 of 2 RL in my guild and need to sort ranged and healers out.

once again thx alot for all the help! I’ve learned so much more since I heard about this site! love it and keep up the good work!