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Hi Ketraknot!

I’ve been out of the country for a bit, so a little bit late with replies and all. But let’s have a look at your archimonde logs :D!

The first log

A raid with 15 people and 3 healers. Sounds fair enough, in progression and for the first few kills. The fights lasts 7.37 minutes. Meaning that you can use all your big cooldowns about three times.
I watched the replay of the fight, and your movement seems controlled. However I do feel like during 5.00-6.00 minutes you should look into if you can position yourself a bit more central in the group. This is when phase 3 has started, and you’re all somewhat spread out. If it is possible to get everyone in your range, than that’s a win.

Let’s look at your cooldown usage

Healing tide on this fight: One cast at 5.40, which is not a lot. May I recommend using your healing tide first on the first Shadowfel burst? This is when they occur: So at 0.40 and 1.30, and let’s assume you use Healing Tide on that first burst. If you’re in the catching group, throw a spirit link on top of it – or maybe just to help the soakers out.

Phase two arrives, and we start taking damage from Shackles. The damage on the raid from breaking looks like this: It seems like you get shackles four times until you enter phase 3.

I can’t find Ascendance being used. Spirit link is used once at 4 minutes. I highly recommend you using ancestral swiftness for this fight. You don’t need spirit links, you need haste to snipe and burst. You pre-pot intellect, but you don’t use it during the fight. I have made a suggestion below.

Cooldown suggestion based on this log:

– Shadowfel burst 1: 0.40 – phase 1: healing tide + spirit link
– Shadowfel burst 2: 1.30 – phase 1:
– Shackles 1: 2.20-2.40 – phase 2: ascendance
– Shackles 2: 3.00-3.20 – phase 2:
– Shackles 3: 3.40-4.00 – phase 2: healing tide
– Shackles 4: 4.20-4.40 – phase 2:
– Shackles 5: 5.20-5.40 – phase 3:
– Rain of Chaos 1: 5.30-6.00 – phase 3: ascendance
– Shackles 6: 5.50-6.10 – phase 3:
– Shackles 7: 6.20-6.40 – phase 3:
– Rain of Chaos 2: 6.30-7.00 – phase 3: healing tide immediately off cd (6.40) + intellect potion
– Shackles 8: 7.05-end – phase 3: spirit link

Tip: You could consider pairing your healing stream totems with the shackles.

I think if you are in the second nether group, you can first use your ascendence, go into the nether, come back and pop healing rain. So try to get into that group and see if that works out for you.

The monk, Tiraxi, used Revival once, at 7.10. He waits until the raid drop low. Use your potion, start spamming chain heal (while being in range of everyone) and pop healing tide. The group will never be very low and he will be tempted to wait to cast Revival.

The second log:

The kill time is one second off this time: 7.38. Very similar to the other log. Again healing tide is used once, same goes for ascendance and spirit link. Tiraxi used revival at the exact same moment: 7.05 minutes. Not a problem when you bursted at 6.00-6.30.

The dps was higher this kill.

This is how I would align my cd’s:
– Shadowfel burst 1: 0.40 – phase 1: healing tide
– Shackles 1: 2.00-2.20 – phase 2: ascendance
– Shackles 2: 2.40-3.00 – phase 2:
– Shackles 3: 3.20-3.40 – phase 2:
– Shackles 4: 4.50-5.10 – phase 3:
– Shackles 5: 5.20-5.40 – phase 3:
– Rain of Chaos 1: 5.00-5.30 – phase 3: ascendance
– Shackles 6: 6.00-6.20 – phase 3:
– Rain of Chaos 2: 6.00-6.30 – phase 3: healing tide + intellect potion
– Shackles 7: 6.40-7.00 – phase 3:
– Rain of Chaos: 7.00-end – phase 3:

I’m guessing this is what the fight should look like for you guys. Given that everyone does his/her job. After seeing both of these logs, the last cooldown plan should be your go-to approach. If you get a second shadowfel burst, you know dps is low or slacking. Use spirit link whenever, it’s not the most important cooldown on this fight (probably when catching, or breaking chains or reducing damage – choose a nice one :P).

I hope this was helpful to you.