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Hi Aeku!

I’ve been out of the country for a bit, so it took me a bit longer to respond. Last but not least… here’s what I got for ya :P.

If you are reading this, and you are a heroic raider (just like Aeku at the moment), and you are looking to improve: here is some info. In heroic logs I mostly check: do you understand mechanics? What is your positioning like? Are you spell weaving correctly (right priority of spell usage)? Are you using your cooldowns somewhat optimally. With mythic logs, your movement is predetermined, your cd’s are often predetermined (at least with progression). It comes much more to… what are the uptimes of your riptide, elemental blast, and healing stream. What are your chain heal bounces. Even though these are relevant in heroic too, the difference between good and bad uptimes becomes a lot smaller in mythic. Read this with heroic in mind, and ask yourself the same questions when looking at your own logs. Gl hf!

Iron Reaver

Try to stay closer to the boss so you’re in range of a large part of the group more often, which makes it more beneficial to cast chain heal more often. You ended the fight with close to full mana and didn’t really loose much mana during the fight either ( Try to end the fight on 0 mana next time by increasing your chain heal spam next time.


You used SLT on the hands, which is great. But straight after, you use ascendance. At this point the raid is full health and he is a few seconds away from casting Pound (which is when the whole raid will be taking damage). Distribute your cd’s over the hands and pounds, unless the raid takes damage by mistake. I still see you on max range a lot, which isn’t a problem in itself. But when the boss is being moved, the whole melee group moves out of your range. Try to position yourself slightly closer to always be able to fetch those heals when (part of) the raid is moving. Also try to pre-cast healing rain in the location you will be using your SLT for hands. Everyone knows where to stand, and you can use your time while SLT is up by spamming chain heal.

Your mana on this encounter went to 75% minimum. You can afford to spam more aggressively, let alone if you would use a mana potion. Last but not least. You didn’t use Healing Tide on this fight, which is our biggest asset.
Next time on Kormrok, try using your cd’s like this:
– SLT on first hands (0.30 minutes into the fight)
– Ascendance on the first pound – chain heal spam while ascendance is up (0.45 minutes into the fight)
– Healing Tide on the second pound (1.47 minutes into the fight).
– SLT on second hands (2.15 minutes into the fight) – assuming you run echo, otherwise just heal through it with chain heal and healing rain.
– Boss will die at around 3 minutes.

Hellfire High Council

Here your mana looks much more like what we want to see: This tells me you’re too busy with moving on the other encounters, and finding a place where you can reach everyone on the other fights (what we already noticed from your positioning). I see a somewhat regular use of elemental blast (aside from start and end of the fight, so you’re missing out on too much mana from that either) – [ ].
Dispels on this fight confuse me a little bit. The druid in your group, Rainswift, seems to do the dispels. But then three times in the fight your priest, Normalperson (shadow), decides to use massdispel. You don’t dispel. Your priest should stop dispelling, let alone mass dispelling (since it’s a single dispel matter and not a fight where you mass dispel). Start dispelling yourself. If you don’t understand how this works, find out. It’s an important mechanic of this fight.

Quick explanation of the debuffs on council:
Players get debuffs called ‘mark of the necromancer’. When Dia Darkwhisper casts ‘reap’, these debuffs expire and leave a pool on the ground. The debuff knows three phases: yellow, purple and pink. With yellow doing the least damage per tick, and pink the most. When you dispel a debuff it is removed from that person, but reapplied like a fresh debuff on two other raid members (it spreads). When someone with the debuff dies, it is also redistributed to two others like a dispel. You should dispel between 22 and 15 seconds before Reap is being cast by Dia (which means you can personally dispel two) and the debuffs should be pink at this point. Prioritize dispelling dps and healers over tanks as they don’t feel the debuff as much. Never mass dispel, your raid will get overwhelmed with debuffs and reaps.

In terms of cooldowns, you use healing tide once: at 2.30. The fight lasted 4.30 minutes. This means, that had you used your healing tide, let’s say in the first minute, then you would have had plenty of time to use it again in the last 1 minute to 30 seconds of the fight. What I tend to do is, when the first reap is about to come in, I use healing tide. There’s some debuffs ticking, someone might stand in a reap, usually there’s damage and healing tide will snipe away. There’s always damage in the last bit of this fight so your healing tide will come in handy just about when off cooldown.

You used Spirit Link once. At 3 minutes. If you work with double charges you can probably force in 3 spirit links in this fight. But two is more realistic. Even if you don’t have double charges you can use two spirit links. When the blademasters come out its usually a good moment to use SLT, in the last 1/3rd of the fight you usually spent your time somewhat stacked as a raid. Use SLT again here, just when the raid starts taking damage.
Ascendance you also used once. Basically, when the boss died, ascendance just about came off cooldown. I recommend you use it where you use it now (or a little bit later) – which would be once in the fight. Or you squeeze it in right after healing tide in the first minute, so you can use it again at the end.

Killrogg Deadeye

Again on this fight you don’t use a potion (neither dps or mana). Your mana doesn’t drop below the 100K (2/3rd of your total mana pool). You could have been spamming so much more! When I look at your spells, I see so many riptides, but so few chain heals. Chain heal can still bounce very well in either melee or ranged group. Don’t drop it so much on this fight. Healing stream totem has been used regularly, and an important part of your healing.
When it comes to healing tide usage, look at this chart: This shows you popped healing tide just before the boss died. In itself not necessarily a bad thing as this may push your raid to a kill. However, there’s 4.30 minutes before that. That means you could have easily used healing tide twice. May I recommend you pop healing tide on the first Death Throws next time? It will be available again at the end of the fight, and pad the aoe the raid takes from this ability.

Death throes is an interesting ability in terms of raid damage, and a safe bet for your cooldowns. At least, when the adds are dealt with properly. Otherwise you mind end up with a lot of other damage. But let’s say your raid deals with the adds somewhat properly, this is the AoE damage you’ll take from death throws (without people standing in pools):
So about every 45 seconds, this ability occurs. I suggest you start popping cooldowns accordingly (since yours are not as movement dependent as others, think druid and paladin).
– First throes: healing tide – at about 0.30 minutes
– Seconds throes: Ascendance – at about 1.15 minutes
– Third throes: SLT on the melee camp – at about 2 minutes
– Fourth throes: another SLT on the melee camp – at about 2.35 minutes
– Fifth throes: second healing tide when it comes off cooldown (half way into the throes) – or save it until the sixth which is during (when your groups uses) heroism and before he dies.

Your spiritwalker’s grace (important on this fight since movement) looks like this: Try to have it available at around 1.15 minutes since you’ll be popping ascendance and spamming chain heals as much as you can. Other than that, optimize its usage. Perhaps use it as a mini cooldown on the fifth throes in combination with an intellect potion to boost your healing while chain heal spamming.


Let’s jump immediately to your spell weaving: That is a lot of healing surge. I haven’t seen anything else of this log yet, but I do think you’re not in control on this fight. You probably don’t understand some of the mechanics, and are panicking. Let’s find out what happens :P!

The main trick of this fight, is by approaching it in three parts:
– The outside part
– The belly part
– The feast part
In the outside part, your job is to dodge stuff, and just heal stuff (not too intensely) with regular healing spells – no cooldowns. The belly part, your job is to heal as many friendly spirits to >80% hp as possible in the maximum duration you can be inside. The feast part, your job is to keep the raid alive by spreading/using ALL your cd’s.

This is when the feast happens: So at 2 and 5 minutes into the fight (again on the 8 minute mark – but then its kill or die). Each feast lasts for well over a minute, and all cd’s are needed (spread through this period of time). Cooldowns wise, you use your HTT both feasts, same with ascendance and healing tide. Since I don’t see an ancestral swiftness cast, I assume you’re an with echo. This means you could have used two spirit links in the first feast, and 1 charge would have been back of for the second feast. So know that you have that extra charge to spend in the first feast.

To go back to your healing surge spamming. This is an overview of your actual healing surge ‘healing’: Basically, when the feast is not happening, that’s what you are casting. As discussed earlier, your job in the non-feast and non-belly phase is to take it somewhat easy. I would recommend trying this next time on gorefiend:
– In the outside part: use riptide, healing stream totem, elemental blast and chain heal – no healing surge.
– In the belly part: healing surge the friendly spirits to +80% hp.
– In the feast: cd’s, riptide, healing rain and chain heal.
Your outside time is ‘regen’ time. Your inside and feast time is spend mana time.

Last but not least. The essences (friendly spirits) you and your fellow healers heal inside his belly, when they exit (which happens when they are not fully healed inside), they will start casting outside. The cast ‘sprit volley’ and it hurts on the whole raid. Not only does it hurt, it also slows the whole raid. DPS has to kill these asap, but since they’re slowed, this isn’t exactly an easy task. Let alone if there’s more than one essence outside. This shows the essence damage outside: Especially around the 5 minute mark (feast) they were up for a long time just slowly killing the raid. Here’s the thing however: YOU CAN PREVENT THE SLOW AND DAMAGE TAKEN. Yes in caps, because it is so so powerful. Know that talent called ‘windwalk totem’? Use it when the essences are casting spirit volley, and while the buff from the totem is up: no one will take damage from the casts or be slowed. Allowing the raid to quickly get to them and kill them.

The DPS ignored one or two essences before the second feast for like half a minute btw. That did so much damage on your raid. Whenever they are up, they should be killed. Help them next time by using your windwalk :D.

Well that was a wall of text… I hope you find it useful!