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Quick look at your logs, it seems to me that you are not doing too bad. You should definitely be more consistent with your Healing Stream Totem and Elemental Blast casting – makes no sense to pick a spell and only use it once or twice in a fight, remember EB doesn’t only provide you with spirit but also boosts one of your secondary stats, which means potentially more HPS for you. HST should be used on cd, very few exceptions to that; I suggest you make an aura to track it. Chain Heal could use more jumps, sometimes you have an average of 4.8-5, sometimes only 3-4. Overall though, it seems the biggest problem for your HPS is that you are runnning with a paladin and a druid that heal everything before your mastery has a chance to really shine, meaning 3 healers are probably too much for heroic. Some fights are also really short, which means you don’t get to use HTT or Ascendance more than once, that will considerably hurt your HPS.

I’m sure our guys here will have some other advice too =)