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As it stands now, it doesn’t look like there’s any interaction between RT and CH in Legion amirite? High Tide seems to have changed and doesn’t mention riptides anywhere… Otherwise that Totemic Torrents trait would have been really really good, I still like it though.

Also, someone on reddit shed some light on how you get artifact power:

However, you gain artifact power from finishing some quest lines. Also there are lots of little drops that can be used to gain small amounts of artifact power. They drop as often as greens do. Each one is worth between 10 and 25 artifact power. I played highmaul for about 4 hours and got ~600 artifact power. The drops may be sped up due to beta. Tbat is unknown.

That sounds like a lot of artifact power but it only unlocked 3 nodes. Each time you unlock a node, the cost of every other node on the weapon increases by 100. Soy my next node cost 400 to unlock. You can reach a point where it takes 1600 artifact power or so. Also, the nodes that have 3 nodes connecting to them usually require you to unlock multiple connecting nodes before they are unlockable themselves, so say for the ashbringer, i wanted the elite node to the right, but i found out it was literally the last node you could get as you are forced down the other side of the weapon first.

Also there are relic slots on the weapons. These can up the ilevel of them and boost a node for the time they are slotted. These boosted levels do not count when unlocking nodes.