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Thank you very much. Now for step two.. I don’t see any enchants or gems. Since your number of achievement points is rather low, I suspect you’re either a new player or slacking. In case you are new: get enchants/gems. In case you are not: cut the slack.

If you were to be fully enchanted that would be: 75 mastery on your neck, 100 mastery on your cloak, 75 mastery on your chest gem slot, 2x 50 mastery on your rings and a wopping 500 mastery proc on your weapon. This means, that you’re missing out on 850 mastery just by standing there. Your current mastery number is 1161, which means you are missing out on 73% (relative increase of) mastery by either missing knowledge or pure slack.

I realize I may sound harsh. However, from this site you can see we dedicate a lot of time. If someone asks me for help, but doesn’t make the effort of enchanting his/her gear, then I don’t feel like you take it seriously. It is not my intention to offend. All I ask is that you show you are serious when you ask for my help.