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Earth Shield is being cast once or not at all, it’s not a big game changer but it will grant quite a bit of additional healing on that target, so instead of spending globals on going Ghost Wolf try using them on refreshing Earth Shield instead.

Yea this is something i’m working on, because i generally don’t like earth shield at all.

If you did notice Riptide being slightly low and Healing Stream low too I won’t go into those.

My problem with Healing Stream totem is that for me it kinda feels like a filler, if i have nothing better to do, then i might just drop a healing stream totem.
It feels like 75% of the healing stream totems healing is going to waste because of all the absorbs other healers have.
So in this case i’d rather spread riptides and yes indeed, spam my water shield. ( It used to consume the charges when you crit, so i ended up having no water shield and being out of mana ) Old habits die hard XD.