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First of all there is no real way of determining the amount of jumps from chain heal which benefitted from high tide, the only way to estimate it is from calculate the average amount of bounces for each individual chain heal cast. This is done by taking the amount of hits of chain heal and dividing it by the amount of casts (should be somewhere on the logs post). You then know that Chain Heal has 4 generic hits and then with high tide you have an additional 2 ‘optional’ hits. You just have to make sure that the average amount of hits per cast exceeds 5. Only fight being behind is Iron Reaver with 4 hits on average. No matter what there is really no reason not to cast riptide on cooldown.

From the looks of it you could drop a healer on a number of fights. It will hurt all healers to bring an overflow but imo it hurts shamans the most.

If you did notice Riptide being slightly low and Healing Stream low too I won’t go into those.

Mana looks about right although you did use a mana potion right as a boss died, using an intellect potion would’ve been better if you’re not gonna use that extra mana anyway.
When talking elemental blast, it is a bit low but then again it really comes down to whether you need it or not. Looking at the curves it suits you, but if you were to drop healers casting it more will probably be required.
Just get used to looking at how you spend your mana on each fight, determine if you could be more aggressive if you spend more elemental blasts and try if you can plan out if it’s worth it to use a mana or intellect potion.

The way you cast spells for movement can be optimized, casting ghost wolf too much is going to hurt you, for Reaver you can just get closer to the boss and you won’t have to run as far to dodge barrage. Getting used to cast Unleash Life when moving is very important since it will guarantee you speed and additionally grant the increase on next heal. You just have to be aware that you don’t cast it when you don’t need it, avoid using it when stationary and you can’t use it as anticipation for a big incoming hit when the group is full.

Looks like you have a bad habit of casting water shield during an encounter, I know it sounds puny but it is still a global spent on refreshing an ‘everlasting’ buff.

Earth Shield is being cast once or not at all, it’s not a big game changer but it will grant quite a bit of additional healing on that target, so instead of spending globals on going Ghost Wolf try using them on refreshing Earth Shield instead.

Looking at your amory I see that you’re running with Conductivity, this talent is not worth using outside of a fight like Tyrant or Council where you can get a good chunk of the raid to stand in it forever, you usually have to replace it on all other fights due to movement. Rushing Streams will in far most cases provide with more healing and this is especially true on spread fights.

Leech trinket is the devil himself if you want to look good on parses.

Hope this is at all useful 🙂