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Don’t worry we will still have some utility to bring for the raid. Look at the Wind Rush totem, granting a stampeding roar to everyone within 10 yards of the totem and it only has a minute cooldown (Subject to change of course). This tool will almost guarantee a raid spot for resto shamans on fights where high movement is required.

I feel all the utility we have now might act as a clutter effect for non-experienced players and it is a massive increase in difficulty to play the class and to utilize our utility fully if you are just starting. It will add simplicity to the class for newer players and yes might remove some value for more experienced players, but being new and confused about all these totems you’re going to like the removal of them. This removal will also open up for resto shamans to be more selfish and focus far more on their healing game compared to looking for interrupts, stuns, slows or freedom all the time.

We have far more tools than other healers have atm, making us superior to bring when you lack the dps/tank classes to handle that utility. For raw output there is no way to compare healers on beta right now due to it not at all being close to balanced.