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One of the things I enjoy about my Resto Shaman is the utility that he has, outside of basic healing. Interrupting and purging buffs, using my Fire Elemental for extra dps and my Earth Elemental to do a bit of tanking if a tank goes down and is getting a battle rez, slowing adds that need to be slowed (such as on Gorefiend) with Earthbind Totem and/or Capacitor Totem, and so on. And my raid leader has expressed his appreciation for my doing things like that, which is nice because I enjoy that “supplemental” gameplay.

It’s that utility that I’ve missed the most when playing other healing classes. But Resto is losing a lot of that it seems, and not gaining very much in straight up healing. If healers in Legion are being funneled into more pure healing with less utility, Resto Shaman will really feel that loss and I may as well choose a class that excels at the straight healing game.

Of course I realise that datamined info is by no means likely to make it into the game in the form we see it. Perhaps I’m just getting antsy in waiting for more info to come to light in how my long-time main will be in Legion!