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I am finding the changes to the MW Monk to be appealing to me with the removal of Chi and fistweaving. I never found those two features rewarding and as such my MW Monk has been languishing un-touched for a long time now. I logged him in last night to poke around but I don’t think there’s much merit in doing so at this point.

But that spec does look to have all the perks of a Resto Shaman but generally better, albeit at the expense of utility which R Shaman are largely losing anyway (no more elementals, no more interrupts etc) so all in all the MW Monk is a compelling option.

I was considering a Resto Druid as I’ve never played one, but I’ve been doing a bit of research and they seem to be a bit more pro-active in their healing. One of the big perks for the Resto Shaman for me is that it’s very reactive which fits with my aging reflexes :p
MW Monks seem slightly more proactive in regards to a few set ups but nowhere near what HoT management for Druids is or shielding is for Disc Priests.