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Sorry for the long wait on the review school stuff had priority 🙂

Riptide looks pretty nice, very small room for improvement here, same applies for Healing Stream Totem. On some fights Elemental Blast is a tad low, but then again it is up to you to look at your mana and determine if it is necessary or not to utilize it fully. Although more mana => more chain heals => more healing, in most cases.

I would’ve liked to see Spiritwalker’s Grave being used more than a single time during a 6+ minute Gorefiend kill, not to mention it not being used at all on Council. Not a lot of Unleash Life casts either, it is a great tool for optimizing the downtime you have while forced to move location. Movement speed to reach destination faster and added bonus of 30% increased healing on next direct heal (Best used on chain heal).

Looking on the manacurves you could’ve been more aggressive on some fights, although it is nice to see that you chose to use an intellect potion instead of mana potion on all of the fights. All mana above oom when the fight ends is wasted potential healing, so just fire away but be mindful about it. Getting into looking at fights after each attempt and analyzing mana will help pull up numbers, in some cases pretty significantly. Get comfortable with the cost of chain heal and look at the mana descend throughout the fight.

Cooldowns are not being used optimally, some pulls they were not used at all even, and others when they were used they did little healing. The fact that they do little healing is most likely the consequence of overhealing content, or running with 2 disc priests.
When using Ascendance you really need to emphasize the fact that it duplicates the healing you are putting out while it is up, you are then pretty much forced to spam chain heal for the entire duration.

Meter padding concerning leech trinket:
Of course the leech trinket is a strong trinket, but it will simply not benefit you any healing on the logs. We can look up the amount of healing done by leech though and try to assing it. On Gorefiend, the strongest case for leech trinket, it did 13 mil where you and the monk used the trinket, if we then assign it 50/50 (deduct what might be on gear) it is a significant part of the total healing done.’

Hope it is what you looked for.