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Astrongcow, some general comments and then I’ll talk my approach to a few specific fights in ToS.

1.  I would recommend working on reordering your stats to 100% Mastery, 30% Crit, and 12 to 15 % Haste.  Mastery is absolute best stat for us in raids, dungeons, and M+ dungeons.  Haste does not benefit us much above 15%, especially in a raid environment.

2. I run with the following talents in ToS:  Undulation, Graceful Spirit, Lightning Surge Totem, A. Guidance, Earthshield Totem, Echo of the Elements, and High Tide.  I also find Cloudburst Totem “awkward” to use.

3.  I recommend upgrading your trinkets ASAP.  I know you just made the switch to Resto and Rng is a cruel master for us all.  Top five Resto Shaman trinkets are Velen’s Future Sight,  The Deceiver’s Grand Design, Sea Star of the Depthmother (even an LFR version will help), Unstable Arcanocrystal, any Stat Stick (Intellect + Any secondary), Archive of Faith.  One key point on Sea Star.  The trinket requires you to be with 15 yards to proc so you’ll basically be standing just outside the melee pile.

General comments on how to approach healing.

1.  Healing in a raid environment is part art (which heal to use and when versus following a set rotation) and part having a feel for how well the individual members of your team anticipate or react to mechanics.  the first just takes some time to get comfy with and the second tasks a healer to be very aware of his team, the environment, and the individual mechanics.

2.  If the tanks are not typically in danger of dying during your fights then I recommend looking for 2 melee dps to be the targets of your Riptide.  Every raid team has a few melee dps that ‘refuse” to move in order to maintain or maximize their rotation and dps.  You can Chain Heal through them and will get solid bounces to the other melee dps and even the tanks.  An alternate approach is to Riptide one of the tanks and one of the melee dps and Chain Heal through them.

3.  I also try to maximize the synergy between Riptide – Chain Heal – High Tide and Riptide – Healing Wave procs from Tidal Waves.  You have the right approach there.

4.  Another potential area for increasing your healing output is to look at your ranged dps grp.  There are probably 1 or 2 that prefer to take dmg to maintain their rotation or dps and a quick Riptide + Healing Wave will heal them for a good bit.

Specific ToS fights.

1.  I change my approach from AoE heavy healing to single-target healing for Host and Avatar due to the wide spread of the raid team.  For Host I am also usually in the normal realm and while my hps drops in this fight no one dies due to my inability to heal them (most of the time).  For these two fights I also swap to a stat stick + Velen’s.

2. For the other fights I heal in the same manner you describe.  Keeping Healing Rain on the melee pile, Riptide on 1 tank and 1 melee dps (our non-mover is a Ret Pally) at a minimum, Chain Heal through a raider with Riptide ticking and work to maximize Tidal Wave procs.  I drop HST and Gift of the Queen on CD, and EST, SLT, and HTT when they are called for or at pre-determined points in our fights.

Since you have not mained a healer before it will take some time to get a feel” for the nuiances of being a healer and as I stated in my original post you have a strong healing team.

If this fails to address your concerns let me know and I will re-engage to assist in any way I can.

All the Best — Mahlaa (Stormrage)

P.S.  Looking at your logs there are no areas that jump out that point to you doing anything “wrong.”