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I am logged out in resto spec now. Healing has been a little better this week but I am still the weak link on our healing comp. I run a crit haste build for healing. I tried the crit mastery and I found it to be slow and boring. I haven’t had to much mana issues running with higher levels of haste and my healing has gone up since I made that switch although that can be attributed to the fact that I am getting more practice.


For the most part I am running echo of the elements instead of cloud burst. I had a lot of trouble timing cloud burst so I switched, I know this is probably a hps loss but it is more comfortable. I mainly focus on aoe healing. I use healing rain on cd and get out as many riptides and healing stream totems as possible. I try to alternate between riptide and chain heal and healing wave to use the procs of high tide. Honestly I’m doing that only because it feels like a waste not to. For sisters and mistress this seems to work all right, for host honestly I am just at a loss of how to handle this fight. I take the same approach but it doesn’t generally work out because people are all over the place. I heal in the normal realm.


I have absolutely no prior raid healing experience and I didn’t start healing until my guild had progressed to mistress so I feel on the bosses we have already downed that I am just throwing heal randomly because everyone knows their job so well that I am just kinda there because with no chance to really get progression practice in.


Any advice would help because I was a fairly strong dps being the weak link in healing is tough for me to swallow.