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I really hope they will put some more synergy with other spells into the talents.
Wellspring sounds like it is just another short cooldown that is supposed to be
pressed when ready, especially with that low mana cost an a “strong” healing value,
but we will have to see if its affected by AoE-cap.

Not many changes to the typical healing spells other than chain heal jump degeneration.
I hope we will keep something like the chainheal-riptide synergy, but then again they
said they want more focus on targeted heals. Sadly the Tidal Waves synergy isnt that
interessing (but good).

I dont see the benefit from placing 2 totems of the same type at the same time. OK, it
will give a little uptime boost for HST but is it really relevant? Will HST save someone
during active HTT? Wouldnt you prefer delaying HST as a followup when your HTT runs out?

Another thing that I think is rater annoying is the need for healing rain uptime. I hope
they are going to rework that in some way because it would be nice to feel that spells
you cast actually matter and are not only what I call “background noise” healing, especially
on a 10sec CD.

Anyway, I think a healer is mostly defined by utility and cooldowns and we will see in
beta how they will work out, because the announced skills are just the “basic” toolkit
every healer has in one or another way.