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I would love to see Earth Shield be useful and engaging. Some things I’ve thought about:
– A ST CD to use in a pinch, either on a longer CD with no/limited charges or a lower DR than other externals, so we don’t fill too many roles.
– Something like the SoO 2pc, maybe it could apply a stacking absorb similar to the way Eternal Flame stacks Illuminated Healing. Not a huge amount, but something that stacks when not used and would add a small amount of passive healing when it is eaten. I know they’re removing absorbs on a pretty large scale, but I think it would fit the flavor of the spell.
– Small, consistent damage reduction, around 5%.
– Maybe the ability to have multiple ES targets.
– A personal DR CD – encasing myself in earth and protecting me from damage (or something…fantasy…y). I would love to have something baseline, instead of having to talent into my personal, but that’s just always been a pet peeve of mine.
– Buff to max HP instead of DR/a heal? I know they got rid of Ancestral Vigor because of ability bloat, but I miss having that neat little utility. I’m just stream of conscious-ing now >.>

I honestly think they’ve done a pretty good job with resto shaman (aside from the frustrations of trying to overheal farm – heaven help me if our DPS don’t learn to not stand in stuff so we can 2/1 heal things I’m going to cry). Some of our talent choices are pretty dull, so I’m curious to see what they do in the class preview tonight 🙂