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Hello, and thanks for looking through my logs. 🙂 In terms of two-healing Kormrok it’s basically because of our tactic(RL is very aggressive and dislikes any other tactic than what he wants to do), having the holy paladin doing empowered runes by himself. Ascendance I used with HTT(As far as I remember), since my raid leader instructed me to. He’s scary and I don’t like speaking up, which is also part of the reason I haven’t been able to solo-heal it yet.
Speaking of Unleash Life, do you use it anywhere else other than as a speed-boost? I thought it was worth it to give that boost to a heal when needed like on gorefiend etc. but reading what you’ve written I’m not all that sure.

Iron Reaver is definitely the fight I dislike the most, I don’t like the barrages, I don’t like the spread out raid, I just don’t like it hehe and this might show in my performance there? Since I read this, I have switched out of echo on my main, however I still keep it on my alt(also rshaman) because of the kill-timers/gear of our other alts. I always ran Ancestral Swiftness up until 6.2, and I’d forgotten how smooth it felt with the on-demand instand cast! >.<