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Hey Rillao most shameful review incoming! 😀

Let’s start with the casting of our minor cooldowns.First of all your Riptides are quite low, getting this up will also benefit the amount of chain heal bounces you’re able to get. To put it in perspective Riptide has a 5 second cooldown and you’re casting it on average every ~12-20 seconds. This means you will have a lot of wasted potential casts of riptide, you lose the direct output of the spell and the effectiveness of high tide.
Healing Stream Totem should also be cast a lot more frequently, you are casting it on average every ~50 seconds. It will give quite a bit more of ‘passive’ healing and it is smart heal, so the amount of overhealing it will do is going to be minimal.
Elemental Blast use is also pretty low. You have an uptime of around 8% on some of the bosses and 18% on others, this leaves you with a huge untabbed pool of mana, when you have the potential of 50%+ uptime of Elemental Blast. (Just like Carolodar said)

On some of the fights you can be a tad more aggressive with spending mana, you end with more than half your mana left on Kilrogg and that is without using a regen potion. Now imagine if you turned the 8% elemental blast uptime into 30 or 40%, you would’ve had a lot more mana and been able to cast an abundance of chain heals. If you see yourself sitting on a lot of mana throughout the fight, you should consider skipping the mana potion and spending an intellect potion instead, so you can get more value out of your healing tide.

Major cooldowns could be used a bit better. The goal is to pop them early and frequently, this will not only increase your numbers, but it will also save all healers a bit of mana because it will loosen the strain. I am looking at the thursday logs right now, it is pretty clear that you are using especially Ascendance on awkward moments, on two of the bosses it did ~30k healing in total. On top of that healing tide doing less than a million is far from desired.
You could use them a bit more, only having a single use of every cooldown on a 5+ minute bossfight is painful.

Yeah it is pretty dumb not to use Spiritwalker’s Grace, it is amazing for movement and with the glyph, you can use it pretty much every time you’re forced to move for longer periods.
It will be an incredible tool for you once you get comfortable with it, it might take a few pulls on bosses before you know when it is most valuable, but you should just pop it almost every time you have to move for more than a global. This will at least help give you the muscle memory of pressing the spell every now and then, after that you can plan it out a bit better to improve your active time.

You should try to use Healing Surge a bit less, I see it being cast a lot, Chain Heal should almost be your most casted heal. I know it might not feel as strong now without 4p, but it is still our highest output spell (looking at Iron Reaver and Kilrogg).
You might not know it, but the 2 additional jumps coming from High Tide has a slightly larger jump range than chain heal usually do, so as long as you have a lot of riptides up and running, you should be able to get some value from it.

Earth Shield is not that important to be honest, it should be kept up 100% of the time if you ask me though, but we have split opinions (Halu only casts it pre pull and never uses it again). Right now it feels like a gimmicky spell and it’s really underwhelming in the current state, I would personally love to see it either removed or remade.

I think it’s a great idea to use AS, but it will take some practice to master it compared to Echoes. Echoes is a lot more forgiving regarding using riptides optimally, although that will go away as soon as your muscles learn to press riptide on cooldown. The second this happens, AS will have far more value for you in almost any case, since Echoes will only give you another charge of SLT at that point.