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Okay time for some reviewing.

With pure ranking in mind, I don’t understand why you didn’t just soloheal Kormrok, it is completely doable (speaking from experience). We did green and then purple, was pretty straightforward to heal. You could’ve used an intellect potion as well, together with being a bit more aggressive with chain heal, you still had a good chunk of mana left ~60k. I think you could’ve used Ascendance a bit better too, it barely did any healing at all. Sometimes it seems like you cast Unleash just to cast it, instead of applying it to movement purposes. I would’ve picked Ancestral Swiftness for ranking purposes as well, Echo won’t really do anything for your numbers really, compared to the 5% haste and instant cast.

Generally looking on logs:

Riptides are slightly low across the board, they should be cast quite a bit more frequently especially when considering that you are running with Echo.
Healing Stream Totem looks a bit low as well imo. Having times between casts to range between 36-60 seconds is definitely something to look at. Should just be used whenever it comes up.
On the bosses where you actually did use Elemental Blast it could’ve been used more, when looking at your uptimes of 22-34%.

For Iron Reaver when you have such a fast kill, you might just pick up Primal Elementalist and get the buffs from these. I would consider this quite a bit stronger than UF. And you could probably easily 2 heal the fight as well. Additionally for Iron Reaver you barely used any mana, looks most like you were there only to aid with Healing Tide.

On some of the logs it looks like you are casting Unleash Life just because it’s there and it’s ready to be used. But on other fights you are using it with more thought. Just be careful not to make it a habit of casting it on cooldown and just save it for movement purposes.

Mana curves look alright, fine descent and potions being used. This can’t be said about that one Iron Reaver kill though.

Overall Echo of the Elements is a relic of the past in terms of playstyle, the talent will not grant you that much outside of an additional use of SLT, and thus Ancestral Swiftness will be that much stronger. I would advice you to try it out, it will most likely give better numbers and getting used to casting Riptide on cooldown will only make this stronger. 5% haste and an instant cast once in a while is makes the class feel more fluent.