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First of all sorry for the long response time, but here is my little review anyway! 😀

Overhealing is somewhat of an issue when looking at reasons for doing a bit lower numbers. But on some bosses it doesn’t seem that out of hand, with overhealing being around 30%, anything largely above that though I would feel that a it would be better to just bench a healer. On top of that both you and the monk are using the leech trtinket, this will automatically remove some of the potential healing and distribute it among the raiders as they get leech (on the Fel Lord log I’m looking at at least, not for a lot of the others). For pure logging purposes the leech trinket is far inferior to the rest, although it is pretty strong otherwise.

Your bounces on chain heal seem a bit low sometimes, you should generally have above 5 but more frequently you’re sitting at ~4.5 bounces. This is maybe explained by the way you are using riptide, on most cases they’re not being used optimally. I can see that they are up and ready for quite a while before you use it again, it has a downtime of anything from 10-19 seconds. Getting used to popping this on cooldown on different people will be an increase for you, not only because riptide in itself actually does a significant amount of healing, but also because the additional riptides will help get those last bounces from high tide.
Healing Stream is great on some logs, and a bit low on some others. It ranges from having a downtime of only a few seconds to over 10 seconds, I know it can be valuable some times to save it for certain moments, but you should not save it for too long.
Elemental Blast is quite low, uptimes should be aimed above at least 30% I’d say. You are having uptimes between 12-25%. Again depends on your need for mana or ability to not cast a heal for the 2 seconds you are using on Elemental Blast. More mana should just be seen as a gift, the more mana you have the more aggressive you can be with chain heal.

You can do a few things to optimize your movement. You aren’t using Unleash Life that often, but you should try to get comfortable with casting it whenever there is a situation that forces you to move around. You will do the instant heal and get a movement speed increase, on top of that it will buff the next heal you make. This means as you start to move you can cast it, you then benefit from the movement speed to reach your destination faster and finally cast a buffed chain heal when at your stationary location. Outside of that though there should rarely ever be a reason to casting it.
You aren’t using Spiritwalker’s Grace that often, I feel it could be a lot better. Looking at a 8 minute Mannoroth you only casted it once, and on a 8 minute Archimonde you didn’t cast it at all. It will give you a bit more optime when moving and thus should be an increase to numbers. Getting used to doing this might also be crucial in a progress scenario because being able to keep the raid healed on the go is very valuable.

Cooldowns aren’t being used that optimally, I can see that Healing Tide was cast 2 times on Archimonde but it still did less than 1 million healing. There is a lot of healign holed up in cooldowns for shamans, learning to use them optimally will give massive amounts of output. You also only used cooldowns a single time on Mannoroth despite it being almost an 8 minute kill.

Your mana curves look alright, they end at oom for the most part (on the logs I have picked) and with a mana potion being used. On a Mannoroth kill though you didn’t spend all of your mana and you didn’t pot. Might as well have been a bit more aggressive with chain heal to reach the state of oom and potentially used an intellect potion to gain more throughput.

Hope this can be of any help.