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[11:47:22] Keehn: I don’t think it’s way too strong
[11:47:39] Keehn: Because it will lack behind on a lot of mobs the stacks will just disappear in no time
[11:53:56] Keehn: I think it should apply to all casts actually the eternal earth glyph
[11:54:05] Keehn: Make it work for lava burst and ele blast too
[11:54:23] Dorien: yeah since we’re way more lava burst oriented now to begin with
[11:54:30] Keehn: Yeah indeed
[11:54:58] Dorien: by the time i go to casting lightning bolt, i’m usually back doing a riptide
[11:55:10] Keehn: Yup, I rarely cast lightning bolts
[11:55:25] Keehn: If I am it is most likely at the pull of an encounter where I have nothing to do anyway

So yeah, anyone else suggestions? 😀