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Thanks for taking a look! Here’s some responses to your observations:

I never EVER run with riptide glyph. It’s very possible you happened to look at a log from some time ago where I was playing with the riptide glyph(likely prior to obtaining my 4pc) to see what difference I would see number-wise. I quickly determined it did indeed suck! I missed the initial heal far too much AND especially with my using EoE most of the time makes the glyph even more useless. So no its not a glyph I use ever.

When it comes to using UE a lot, this is also another reason why I like EoE so much(over AS, say). I can be using UE to boost chain heals(or very occasionally, a direct heal) while also saving a charge if I know I have to move soon. During encounters where I know I’m just going to be stationary for awhile, why not get some use out of it? I would say I’m PRETTY good about saving a charge for when I know I’m going to move, but not always perfect of course. Would you say I should completely stop unleashing to boost chain heals altogether? Just wondering if this is a habit I should actively be trying to break out of…