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Okay sat down and looked it over, here are my notes!

I would agree with Halu here, the most important thing is to track if the target has a riptide already on him. Right now you should prioritize people without any riptides on, to keep as many of them rolling as possible and add value to High Tide. You can play around it and place both riptides on seperate locations (As Dasafak said) and try to optimize that way.
Regarding Chain Heal bounces, an average of above 5 is fine, it ensures that you at least get 1 extra jump of chain on every cast. Having 6 would be nearly impossible to achieve, anything above 5.5 is exceptionel in my opinion. Just try to not go below 5 to get most out of it, but it comes down to the amount of riptides you have out.

First of all, I see that you ran with riptide glyph on a raid night (4 casts in 4 seconds on Kormrok triggered it for me). Generally this should never be picked up, mainly because of how our current 4p works. When glyphing it you will reduce the amount of initial healing Riptide does, and this also affect those procced by 4p. On top of that with 4p we have so many out, that there should be no reason for you to want any more. I can see that you didn’t have 4p at the time though, I would still not pick it up, because of the sheer amount of value riptide loses by reducing initial heal by a massive chunk.
Other than that, when you are not using the glyph your riptide uses are overall pretty decent, somewhere a bit on the low end with 9 seconds in between. HST looks fine as well. Elemental Blast could be better, it really depends on how you like your mana (but it would still be optimal to hurl it close to on cd).

I noticed that you have a lot of Unleash Life casts (22 on a Socrethar kill), sometimes these are being used while stationary. You should try not to, you have many other spells that are far superior in this case, it should in any case be saved for when movement is required. The spell is just so strong during movement due to the speed increase and being instant that not having it will be painful, and sometimes force you to pop ghost wolf (ultimately wasted gcd). I myself tend to overuse ghost wolf, and it is simply just a bad habbit that you have to forcefully remember yourself not to. (Could unbind but that would be reckless and stupid xD)

Your mana curves are great, although sometimes you end the fight without having used any potion. I know it is a minor thing, but utilizing all options are usually what brings out the extra numbers. Same with getting 100% use out of cooldowns, sometiems they were used only a single time on a 7 minute pull. 😀

Hope this can be serve as a start.