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Wow thankyou for the detailed response, really appreciate that, and definantly some things I can work on that I hadn’t considered.

I had played with glyph of riptide once or twice and decided it really wasnt worthwhile, that’s in the bin now!

I will try to change my playstyle a little in regards to CH and EB casts, I get a little lazy when there in’t much to heal but I think it will help my numbers to keep some kind of “rotation” happening while staying mana neutral.

I never really considered ending a fight with mana as a waste, but you are absolutely correct, it’s just scary how fast you can oom when you get reckless with CH, learnt this the hard way while learning to play my shaman lol, definantly something I can improve on though.

I’ll be using my CD’s much more agressively next week unless it’s needed to be held for something along with everything else mentioned, should help a lot. I do notice around a 50% incease in my healing throughput when our disc priest isnt there, so yeah sadly our setup is no doubt having a big impact, oh well at least I get to play Elemental on Xhul, now that is fun.

Thanks again guys.