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Oh thank god! Will get right to it 🙂

Okay basic uptime of Riptide/HST/EB. Riptide looks fair with a use every ~6.85 seconds, improvements to this would be small. HST looks fine as well, not too much downtime (~4 seconds on average) but getting the last seconds is hard to do. Elemental Blast could be used more, but this really depends on whether you desperately need the additional mana this would benefit you (not being said that the throughput stats are useless).

Mana usage looks okay, still not hitting rock bottom when boss dies. That being said I can’t see you used a mana pot, thus you could just have used an intellect pot to boost throughput somewhere.

Cooldowns, well using major cooldowns once over the course of an 8 minute fight is, at least in my opinion, something that could be improved. Not only will it increase the numbers you put out, but having a CD firing away healing will also save the healers mana. The one Ascendance that you did use had 64% overhealing as well.

Unleash Life looks great, although you popped it twice in succession, it is a minor thing though, but using it unintentionally is something to avoid. You could go Ancestral Swiftness and that would just completely eliminate that risk. Personally I also see it (AS) as superior to Echo on Archimonde, simply because finding proper situations to pop SLT rarely happens. :p
Spiritwalker’s Grace used 2 times, could be used more, but then again no reason to pop it when you’re not in dire need of it, although having more uses of it will improve overall uptime and it will directly affect numbers.

A big issue for shamans losing value on logs is because we’re not accounted for the healing SLT does. I can see the reasoning for not counting it in, because it just ‘relocates’ health of players, but it still feels like cheating when it isn’t accounted for. The 1 million SLT did would bring you on top.

Regarding ring, shamans and druids are also the healers that have the strongest potential with ring of all healers. Would be silly to make any other than those two classes use it, if it isn’t for them to show their Epeen.

Oh and the Riptide applied by 4p has a different ID than the one you apply yourself. This means that you can have 2 Riptides running on the same player, so determining whether or not it is the right riptide will be hard.

Still looks like there is a tad of overhealing going out, most spells sitting at ~35+% is just not optimal, cutting the monk would probably have been in your favor.

Hope you can use any of this, it is only minor things tbh.