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Well…funnily enough I have the worst luck with gear… Let’s just say when 3 tier chests dropped off H soc last week, I was the 1 out of the 4 who didn’t get it. 🙁
All I got from my timewalkers chest was a felspark trinket…which I already had…

We did soc, downed him in one go. Wasn’t very happy with my heals. On my old set up, I could get up to 42k hps averaged over the whole fight. Today I only averaged 35k hps.

The guild failed on iskar…many many times. Due to mechanics (not many of them have done iskar before). Found it hard to use elemental blast regularly and also to keep health stream totem up. I was having some trouble getting into the groove of my new arrangement but it is slowly improving with practice. I did 6 timewalkers in a row (1 stupidly bugged and didn’t count) and by the end I was getting a better rhythm on keeping elemental blast up whenever possible and keeping the totem up. Hard to tell how much hps in the timewalker cos of the scaling but I think I did a decent amount. Felt easy and I didn’t go oom which is the main thing.

I’d upload my logs for ppl to see but don’t know how. I joined up on warcraft and everything but can’t find the folder to upload.

Probably should also mention I’m a bit of a computer noob…lol