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Hey Skionna 🙂

Okay let’s go over the spell uses. You Riptides seem to be a bit low and this can be seen on the effective bounces you have on Chain Heal. Especially on your Fel Lord kill you were not utilizing Riptide enough, and that resulted in only having ~4.2 hits for every Chain Heal you cast. Riptide is the most efficient heal we have and should be used on cooldown, not only because of how it interacts with High Tide but also because of how strong it is compared to mana cost.
Elemental Blast had a tad low use as well, I mean this is something you have to evaluate yourself, are you struggling with mana? Because if so you could gain more by casting it more frequently. You can spend less time on Elemental Blast as your gear/regen improves, but at your ilvl and with suboptimal resto gear you should use it more often.
Healing Stream Totem was okay’ish, could still be improved slightly.

You didn’t use Spiritwalker’s Grace a single time on Fel Lord, it is very strong on that fight imo. You are forced to run from Cavitation, soaking pillars, Seed of Corruption. It is something to learn as you play the fight where the spell is best utilized, but not using it at all is a bit of a waste. This could probably have resulted in you casting less Ghost Wolfs to move (Usually something you want to avoid unless you’re completely fucked and need to move very fast SANIC!).

I noticed (from the replay) that you cast Unleash Life while standing still, this is something you should aim to never do. The spell itself is simply not strong enough while stationary compared to any other spell you could be casting. You generally only want to cast it when you are forced to move, due to the speed increase you gain and because it’s one of the only instant casts we have (Riptide, HST, and this).

Your mana management for Fel Lord looked great, in the way that you spend every single drop of mana.

Just a fast overview I made.