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First of all, welcome on :).

I glanced at your (Phioria-Dreadmaul US): seems like you could gain something from improving your stat priority (enchants). For more information, check our stats page (under build). You’ll find that we gain way more from Mastery currently, and you should definitely try to prioritize that instead of crit (change your enchants).

In terms of spirit, in WoD healers only gain spirit from a few items: neck, cloak, rings and trinkets. Currently, you are missing spirit on your neck and one of your trinkets. Not only that, you’re missing one of the important trinkets that allows us to cast more generously: the Demonic Phylactery. Try to get your hands on some spirit items (and check out our trinkets post!). Currently, you can’t have too much spirit. Don’t worry about a cap, you can use every bit of it.

When it comes to logs, I’ve found some recent ones on Aksmrrobot:
And one log on Warcraftlogs:

These logs will help us look into your playstyle. We can definitely recommend to start logging your gameplay (with preferably Warcraftlogs since we’re most familiar with that) if you are interested in detailed feedback.

Take some time to browse around our site, I think you will find a lot of insights you are looking for. With the logs linked above, I’ll ask the others to see what they can come up with to help you :).