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Bear, below is my current gear set-up, talent choices, and healing approach for running M+ dungeons.

Our current two-piece tier set is a good foundation for M+, but our four-piece is not.  Ideally I would fill in with Mastery & Crit pieces around my two best tier pieces with a goal of 100% mastery, 30%+ crit, and 12 to 15% haste.

Talent Choices:  Undulation, Graceful Spirit, Lightning Surge Totem, Ancestral Guidance, Earth Shield Totem, Echo of the Elements, Ascendance.

Healing Approach:  Riptide > HS > HS or Riptide > HS > HW depending on the health status of the party.  I aggressively use my available cool-downs (A. Guidance, Ascendance, Velen’s, HTT, and EST) and I find I use them most frequently on large trash pulls.  I drop HST on cool-down, but honestly it is not particularly effective in higher M+ dungeons.

The following link is to a Resto Shaman that runs a lot of M+ dungeons and is active on the mmo-champion forums.  They have lots of great experience in M+ and provide excellent advice.  The only caveat for is that they run with a fairly consistent grp and run a lot of M+ dungeons.

Remember that a M+10 starting this week is the equivalent of a M+15 last week.

Hope this helps — Mahlaa


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