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Note from the editor

We are so happy to finally share these guides with you. This was our first progress race while running the site. An exciting, but foremostly busy time! Little did we know how the demands of both top end raiding would take up so much of our time. Two of our writers participated in world top 10 progress, with the others following shortly after. Before the expansion was launched, I received the question: “how do you manage both the site and such a high level of raiding?”. The answer is: I don’t.

That is why, as the main writer of this site, I have decided to focus on content creation. From now on I will follow a bit more of a laid-back raiding schedule, so that I have the time to write content as it happens, instead of a few weeks after. It doesn’t help that Blizzard is already deciding on releasing new content so quickly. It also doesn’t help that progress lasted less than one day. However, I love writing and sharing my thoughts and insights. It does mean I’m retiring from hardcore raiding. As a team of top-end resto shamans has committed to, we will be able to keep gathering the most professional insights.

It is a bitter-sweet feeling to step out of the race. However, it is exciting and energizing to know I will have the time to write when it actually matters. I want to thank you guys for supporting this site, even when we weren’t able to provide you with all relevant information in the first few weeks of Legion.

For the near future, you can expect us to provide you with some more detailed guides. Focusing on niche skill situations that can occur right now. Think of topics like maximizing cloudburst totem output, legendary-based playstyles and BiS lists.

I love you all, thank you so much!