This is not a feedback post on the artifact talent tree and general talents and abilities. We will sit down seperately with our team and take our time to write. In this post I will just inform you of the restoration artifact quest line.

** Warning – this post contains spoilers for the resto shaman artifact questline – if you don’t want to know about this yet, stop reading**

As with all things alpha and beta: everything is subject to change.


A new character, a new artifact

This week I woke up to a bunch of ‘resto shaman is up’ messages on my desktop app. I logged on, ran to the shaman trainer and learned a dual talent specialization. Restoration hasn’t been available on the alpha so far, so I’ve been running around as elemental. However, dual talent specialization isn’t functional at the moment – let alone triple specs. On top of that, you can’t just switch artifacts. I was stuck with a restoration shaman with an elemental artifact – I had to make an entirely new character. However, with a new character comes a new artifact and this time it would be the resto weapon and the resto quest line.


The questline

Oh wow, did we get some attention from the dev’s! Twenty times better than the elemental questline – I might be slightly biased. And this time, we didn’t go to Kun Lai Summit, but to something way more resto shaman-ish. But first we had to fend off immediate threats at the maelstrom. The shamans of the Earthen Ring channeled their power to me. Allowing me to build up powers strong enough to blow a demon to mars.

Power is being channeled into you

Power gathers

The demon is pushed back


From Scepter to Caduceus

As you may know, our original weapon was going to be The Scepter of Azshara. The actual looks of the weapon got great reception in the community. Everyone I spoke with had a favorite look amongst the options. However, the name wasn’t that lucky. Aparently, there’s already an item that is called The Scepter of Azshara, which drops from Azshara (dungeon boss in the End Time dungeons of Cataclysm). Underwhelming for an artifact argued some, and thus it (apparently) had to change. Personally, I liked the story (the mage-ness aside). Water from the Well of Eternity, of which a spell corrupted it and the city it surrounds to this day.. current Suramar (only the epicenter of the next expansion). Yes please! But it wasn’t to be. It  couldn’t be the scepter, so they presented an alternative. The Caduceus of Azshara. In Dutch it reminds me of a word called ‘kaduuk’ – it means ‘broken’. If you ask me, I’ll have the Scepter instead.

Thrall hooks me up with a shaman called Erunak. Together we venture to depths of the Abyssal Maw – Vashjir. We end up in a scenario where we save a sea giant called Grash. In return he offers his help and together we venture deeper and further. We run into someone called Adelee (no she doesn’t sing ‘Hello’), who has been trapped in water chains as a bait. The Caduceus is held by Lady Zithreen – Adelee informs us.

Adelee held by chains of water


We continue, and this time we encounter bigger, badder and stronger sea monsters. Through their defeat we make way for the elevator – well known for anyone who has done the dungeon before. Except, we are not using something as ordinary as an elevator. We are shamans – we ascend and riptide. So what is more appropriate than to ascend ON a riptide! Luckily, Erunak knows just the spell and off we go. Weeeeeeee…. (nerd screams).


Ascending on a riptide


On our way to Zithreen

Once we arrive upstairs at “The Riptide”. Can I take this opportunity to say what an awesome name that would be for a tavern at class halls – just saying! In order to get to Zithreen, who is holding our artifact, we need to dodge a bunch of waves. The whole purpose of this quest was a little bit unclear to me. I had to lead the way for the giant – so the giant could break the waves for Erunak and Adelee to be able to follow. At least, that was what I made of it. I ended up just running around the waves on the sides and waited at the end for the rest – it worked.

On our way to Zithreen


And there she is – at Neptulon’s Rise: Lady Zithreen. She holds what we desire, our artifact. Of course she won’t hand it over without a fight. I heal Grash, Erunak and Adelee while they take down Zithreen. The fight becomes considerably easier if you interrupt the mind control (on Grash). There’s a bunch of abilities going on. It reminds me a little bit of healing Wrathion while he faces his dad Deathwing at the Temple of Chi-Ji (part of the Mist of Pandaria healer legendary quest). You dodge a few things, heal an ally, interrupt here and there, and dps to speed up the fight.


Fighting Zithreen

Arunak asks the sea witch what Azshara is planning on doing to this realm. But Zithreen is not telling us anything. Grash clearly does not like that response, because he continues to smash Zithreen against the floor.

Angry Grash


And there it is

It appears in the middle of the room. The scepter.. uhhh caduceus. It is mine to take, and mine to wield. I take a moment before I grab the weapon – it will be you and me for an entire expansion!

You and me

It is mine


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4 years ago

For me, as a guy, I wasn’t super excited to be wielding a ‘scepter.’  A scepter doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of my enemies.  Also, a ‘caduceus’ is supposed to be a staff, not a mace.  Having said that, the name of the item isn’t that big of a concern to me.  The item and the shield that comes with it both look great!  I only got a glimpse of the artifact quest, and it looks great as well!  Can’t wait until you guys post feedback about the gameplay.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shakoo

I too think it’s looking quite good! The quest doesnt look too exciting imho, but unlike the ‘caduceus’ itself it’s not going to stay with us after the very first day of Legion.

4 years ago

If I can trust my online dictionary of choice, caduceus is pronounced “kə-ˈdyu-sē-əs”, so it’s not like kaduuk at all.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dorelei

o.o   That first part is kaduss though…  Anyway, guess we’re stuck with that weird name now, they probably won’t change it twice. ^^